'Cuatro Amigos' celebrates two decades of friendship and art

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Meet the "cuatro amigos" - Francisco Romero, Hal Marcus Maurcio Mora and Daniel Padilla.

Four local painters who are coming together for one remarkable show.

“We have been friends for 22 years," explains Marcus, who also owns the Hal Marcus Gallery. "We bounce off of each other a lot. Most of us do figurative types of works."

“Many people relate us, you know, because of the way we paint," said Mora, an accomplished painter and Juarez native. “Twenty years-plus as friends. It’s excellent. It’s wonderful. And this is the first show with the four.”

All four painters are successful in their own right. All took different paths in life. Yet they share similar sensibilities.

“We kind of like grew up together, you know," said Marcus. "We’re real excited because we bring in color we bring in the people the culture, the fantasy.”

Francisco Romero says he a believer in destiny and he says destiny brought these four souls together to stoke their love of art and foster their creative spirit.

It's a sentiment shared by the other amigos.

“Since the beginning, we have this great connection and we respect each other’s work and each other’s personalities," said Mora.

Next week's show promises to celebrate four friendships on four walls in a vibrant, visual representation of the Borderland.

“Next week, people are going to be able to see the differences between each one of us," said Mora.

Marcus added: “I’m real proud that we’ve stuck together and that we’ve formed a school of art, so to speak, because a lot of people when they think of El Paso art they think of this type of work.”

What: “Cuatro Amigos” featuring: Hal Marcus, Mauricio Mora, Daniel Padilla & Francisco Romero

Where: Hal Marcus Gallery, 1308 N. Oregon, El Paso, TX 79902

When: Opening Reception: Thursday, April 26, 5-8 pm

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