Becoming the Badge: Graduation

El Paso cadets become police officers

Since June, we’ve been documenting the 122nd class’s journey at the El Paso Police Academy, showing you what it takes to become one of El Paso’s finest.

This is where their chapter as recruits ends, as they join the ranks.

Of the 76 recruits we met on Day One, 63 are graduating. That includes 62 new police officers and one fire marshal.

On Jan. 22, Police Chief Greg Allen pinned a badge over the hearts of 62 new officers.

“The shield a police officer wears is a symbol of guardianship to the community,” said Allen.

It's fashioned after the shield of Michael the Archangel, a symbol of protectors -- those who preserve security, safety and peace.

There are 62 new shields in the streets of El Paso.

The recruits take an oath to the city, pledging to protect the community.

They have now become the badge.

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