YISD issues $250 million in bonds, amid ethics complaint

EL PASO, Texas - YISD ISD school is set to spend more than half its bond money.

Wednesday night the YISD board approves issuing around $250 million dollars in bonds.

This comes as ethical questions are raised about the bond election in November.

Just last month voters approved a more than $400 million bond.

An ethics complaint filed against Superintendent Xavier De La Torre centers on a column he wrote in a diarist newsletter.

His column addressed the need for the bond.

"I think if someone tries hard enough I think anyone can make a case that what they are reading is pulling at their heartstrings," said De La Torre.

An ethics complaint was filed Friday by a local blogger who goes by the name Max Powers.
It accuses De La Torre of political advertisement.

"The blogger believes we may have pushed the envelope relative to the tone and tenor of that newsletter. But I'll leave that up to the Texas ethics committee and we will cooperate with them in this matter," said De La Torre.

Under Texas Elections Code School districts and employees are prohibited from political advertising for bond elections.

The complaint addresses several phrases and wording used by De La Torre in the newsletter.

The ethics complaint would have no impact on the bonds but the district could face a fine.

Monday the board chose to issue $250 million of the bond money.

De la Torre said they do not want to delay issuing bonds because delays could cause the cost to go up.

"We made a commitment to our community that these monies would be sufficient to deliver every one of these projects that are outlined in the bond proposal.

Board President Shane Haggerty echoed those statements.

"We asked for their trust and to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible is our way to show that we've earned that trust," said Haggerty.

Haggerty also does not think there is merit to the ethics complaint against De La Torre.

Monday a district spokesperson said the first project will be replacing high school football fields with artificial turf.

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