"Splotch the Madpole" teaches local students to stop bullying

    El PASO, Texas - Children at Marian Manor elementary participated in an anti-bullying event Friday morning.

    Children's book author Michelle Bain visited the school and read her book titled "Splotch the Madpole" to fourth-grade students.

    Bain said she decided to write the book in light of the national climate of what's going on with kids.

    Bain said the book was launched two years ago. She worked alongside anti-bullying expert, Dr. Joseph Wright, who also helped write the curriculum for Sesame Street.

    "Splotch the Madpole" allows children to look in a mirror and address a certain behavior, whether it is positive or negative.

    Children can look at themselves in the book and read statements like "you're fat" or "you're ugly."

    Bain said this allows the children to stop and take pause so that they can acknowledge the behavior.

    Bain said the end of the book prompts the children to read positive statements into the mirror like "you're awesome" and "you're cool."

    Bain said the feedback she's had from the book has been very positive.

    "We've been very frank with kids about their behavior. We've done a realistic job in tackling the subject," said Bain.

    In an era where bullying is becoming more prominent, Bain says it is important to give kids the tools they need to identify bullying.

    "The DNA of bullying remains the same throughout the United States," said Bain.

    Bain is from St. Louis, Missouri and this is her sixth time in the Sun City.

    She said anyone looking to get more information about her book should contact Superior Health Plan.

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