New Socorro police chief plans law enforcement partnerships, crime analysis

SOCORRO, Texas -- The Socorro Police Department's new chief, Carlos Maldonado, has been on the job for about six months and said he has laid out several goals for the department.

Maldonado said he has been meeting with other leaders from area law enforcement agencies to build partnerships.

"They have mentioned to me that this is new and this is something that they had wanted for a long time. They're glad to see that we are engaged in this kind of activity," Maldonado said.

He said Socorro is also working to come up with an emergency response plan that could include police departments from the Tigua reservation, Horizon City and other parts of El Paso County.

Another focus for Socorro police will be using crime analysis. Maldonado said the El Paso Police Department could help Socorro put a program like this in place.

"If we need to purchase a software program, we'll certainly at least be in the position to identify what that is and then move in that direction," Maldonado said.

He said police could analyze crime activity across the city and put resources where crime is most likely to happen.

"I see a lot of cops around here. I think it's safe. They're doing a great job," Jorge Garcia said. Garcia said he works in Socorro and drives in the area often.

Others KFOX14 spoke with who did not want to talk on camera, said they haven't had much faith in the police department since four officers and a police dispatcher were arrested for raiding a substation in 2012.

Maldonado said the current police department wants to continue changing that perception.

"There's new leadership. We have a new vision. We're here to serve the public. I'm their chief, and if there's any concerns that they have, certainly feel free to call," Maldonado said.

Maldonado said Socorro could start working with law enforcement partners in the next few months. He also said residents should expect professionalism from police officers.

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