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Decals could possibly put your family in danger

By: Chrisdyann Uribe
EL PASO, Texas They come in all shapes and sizes. You can see them on cars, trucks and SUVs. But the El Paso Police Department said revealing too much about your family can lead to trouble.
Decal stickers can show what team a person roots for or how many members are in their family. Some can even show their names. When it comes to safety is this information too good to share or is it a target for predators?
To you and me that sounds harmless, generic and kind of boasting This is my family, but now you told somebody you have two boys and a girl," said Darrel Petry, a spokesperson for the police department.
For somebody that may have other motives, this may make opening the door to information easier.
People will use that as a ploy to gain access or engage the child in conversation," Petry said.
That onversation can begin with a childs school, what team they play on or their name.
"People will know your child's name and if they call your child by name, obviously what happens? The child thinks, Well, this person knows my name, I must know him," Petry said.
KFOX14 hit the streets to ask locals if decals made people feel unsafe.
"I'd be really cautious with what I put on my vehicle," said Gary Johnson.
Others felt them were just for fun.
"My sister has them but I don't think they're particularly dangerous. They're not really giving out much information," said Patsy Vasquez.

When it comes to these types of decals, officers have one piece of advice for families to stay safe-

Less is more," Petry said.