Han puts boxing gloves away to serve as middle school principal for a day

Jennifer Han played principal for the day at Ysleta Middle School on April 18. (CBS4/KFOX14)

It was a nice change for students at Ysleta Middle School as a hometown hero stepped in two fill in as principal for the day.

International Boxing Federation World Featherweight champ Jennifer Han put away the boxing gloves to hang out with middle school students on Tuesday.

Every year, the Ysleta Independent School District’s "Day as a Principal" event offers community and business leaders the opportunity to spend a few hours as guest principal at the districts’ schools.

Han said her coach let her ditch her training for the day to spend time with the kids.

Han welcomed the students and even spent some time in the marital arts class.

“They just started the martial arts classes for the eighth-graders, and me being a martial artist, I know what good benefits these kids will have,” Han said.

She also had a first look at the school’s engineering program. “What a great experience, I didn’t have all this when I was in middle school, so these kids are truly blessed, and I hope they take advantage of all these opportunities.”

Something Han wanted the kids to learn from her is that even though athletics can take them far, education is the key to success.

“Athletics are so great because a lot of people recognize you, but I want them to know that’s important to get your education (so) you can be all-around because sports only lasts for a little bit. You need to plan for your future, and education is always the way,” Han said.

There is no surprise that a lot of Borderland kids look up to Han. She said she can only hope that she can inspire them to be the best they can be at whatever it is they want to do in life.

“I hope that they know if you work hard, doors will open for you.”

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