Canutillo football players highlight historic 2014 season in book


Two Canutillo High School football players took their experiences during the historic football season and jotted them down to create a book.

Mark Huitron and Frank Guitierrez were born and raised in Canutillo.

Both were part of the 2014 Canutillo High School football team, which was the only El Paso UIL team to advance to the Final Four. It was an improbable win but one that made history and the community stood behind the team.

Huitron and Guitierrez say they lived a “Cinderella story.”

“A fairy tale. Local media overlooked us little bit, unfortunately. Because we were undersized, because we are from Canutillo, because we’re from El Paso, also because we are Hispanic, Mexican, but we overcame that,” Gutierrez said.

And that’s what they wrote about in the book titled "Why Not Us."

Huitron said the team had a goal to break barriers and records that season.

The football players said the reason for writing the book is to inspire others and let people know that they can succeed despite odds being against them.

The book can be pre-ordered on It costs $15.99.

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