What’s included in EPISD Bond Athletic Enhancements

If the bond is approved around $32M will be dedicated towards athletic.

Officials with the El Paso Independent School District said the $668.7M bond proposal will pay for big improvements to athletic programs.

The district said about $32M will be allocated towards athletic enhancements, but some tax payers think that money should be invested elsewhere.

“The patches on the turf fields is just a small indicator of how badly all of our facilities are,” said maria Kennedy, the director of athletics for EPISD. “Our turfs and our tracks need to be upgraded.”

One of the major projects is for the turf fields to be replaced for the high schools. That means 10 fields total will be replaced. The enhancements also included new lights for tennis courts and both baseball and softball fields. Tracks will also be refurbished for the high schools.

But some tax payers aren’t happy that around $32M will be dedicated towards athletics.

“I see the need for athletic improvements, but our priorities first must be the education aspect,” said Daniel Lopez.

Lopez said he understands why athletics are important, but said he’s not entirely against the investment. He said he doesn’t agree with the fact the district will dedicate more money towards athletics than technology and security if the bond is approved.

“I think before we address the turf football fields, we address the other issues that are high priority,” Lopez said. “Those higher priorities like technology will impact education and the performance of students first.”

But EPISD argues that athletic improvements does help education.

“Athletics are an extension of our classroom,” Kennedy said. “For some of our students, academics isn’t their bag. But when you put in athletics, it drives them. Because they know in order to participate they have to keep their grades up.”

EPISD said the board of trustees are still in the process of whether to let the public use the facilities if this bond is approved.

The bond will be voted on November 8.

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