Local shelter trying to get homeless registered to vote before deadline

A local shelter is making sure it's homeless residents are registered to vote before the deadline.

The Rescue Mission of El Paso has seen people walk through its halls.

It’s all about opening doors for people like Steven Driscoll and Matt Luna by getting them back on track and standing in a voting booth.

"I think it's very important, it helps us to reintegrate into the main function of society,” Driscoll said.

"We get a chance to, like, let other people hear our voice that other people don't usually hear,” Luna said.

Making sure everyone at the rescue mission is registered to vote is vital for CEO Blake Barrow.

"People who are homeless tend to feel like they're not part of society, and they are,” Barrow said. “What better way to say, 'Hey! I'm here. I count. My opinion matters,' than by registering to vote. So we encourage all of our residents to register to vote."

Barrow says that seeing the homeless cast a ballot means progress.

"I love putting people back on their feet and putting people back in society; having them working and being functional, profitable members of society,” Barrow said. “Part of that is registering to vote and participating in the political process."

Driscoll's landed on some tough times. He moved to El Paso to take care his father, who died of brain cancer.

He says a vote doesn't care where you came from, or where you are now.

"It feels empowering, in my opinion. I play a big part in how the country goes from here," Driscoll said.

"We don't get a chance for people to hear us speak, because we are such a small-knit community,” Luna said. “When we get out and vote, we show we have a voice, too."

Registering to vote isn't any harder just because the people live at the Rescue Mission. Barrow tells me that people can use the physical address of the shelter and vote.

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