Local GOP party says it is “'concerned,” by El Paso congressman not supporting Trump

Statement from U.S Rep. Will Hurd (R).

House Speaker Paul Ryan announced Monday he'll no longer campaign or defend Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

But, he's just the latest to remove their support for Trump.

Since Friday alone -- more than three dozen party leaders have done the same thing. This is something the El Paso Republican Party isn't happy to hear.

"The lack of support or change in position is very concerning. This is a very important election,” Adolpho Telles, the chairman of the El Paso Republican Party, said. “I think when you look at both parties they both have a lot of issues that need to be dealt with."

Also among that group –is U.S Rep. Will Hurd, who represents part of Far East El Paso County.

He sent KFOX14 a statement. It reads, in part, "I never endorsed Trump and I cannot in good conscience support or vote for a man who degrades women, insults minorities and has no clear path to keep our country safe."

Some El Paso voters KFOX14 spoke to aren't too shocked this is happening.

"Not at all. Each week less and less Republican supporters are dropping out of his endorsements,” Armando Martin Del Campo said. “Honestly, in my opinion, if Paul Ryan endorsed him, he'd be back up."

"It's their personal choice, but I think they're hurting their party and their candidate,” Charlotte Vanderslice said.

Others are a little shocked.

"I'm a little surprised because I would think that them being a part of the GOP that they'd support their presidential candidate regardless of what he has said,” Alexander Mitz said.

As for Hurd's decision, the local Republican Party chair believes he might be doing it for good of the entire GOP.

"He's coming up for reelection. That's what his position is,” Telles said. “I think it's a political move on his part. He doesn't like what he heard and I don't like what I heard either."

KFOX14 did ask Hurd's office for comment on what the El Paso party chair told us. A spokesperson said they weren't able to comment on it right now.

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