Hurricane Matthew: Former KFOXer’s share stories from inside the storm

Former KFOX14 reporter Bill Melugin covering Hurricane Mathew from Charleston, South Carolina.

Hurricane Matthew is bearing down on northern Florida and now reaching Georgia and the Carolina Coast.

Several familiar KFOX14 faces and team members now live in Matthew’s path and are covering this storm.

A few of them were able to speak to KFOX14 about what they're experiencing.

“We're expecting an 11-foot storm surge, that's higher than a basketball hoop,” said former KFOX14 reporter Bill Melugin.

Bill now works for the FOX affiliate in Charlotte. He is stationed in Charleston, South Carolina, for Hurricane Coverage.

“It's been absolutely hectic. This is my first hurricane to ever cover,” said Bill.

Bill said he and his photographer are staying in a hotel about 10 miles inland. But they’re reporting from the coast until Matthew strikes.

“This is a very dangerous situation,” said Bill.

Matthew, is expected to hit Charleston Saturday. But Bill said 35-foot wind gusts and the rain have already arrived.

When he got to Charleston Thursday night, he says he found a ghost town, because almost everyone had evacuated.

“There was literally nobody, no cars people, it was really, really weird. If you think about El Paso for a second it would be like driving by the UTEP campus on Mesa and not seeing a single car, a single person, a single anything, anywhere. Just really quiet,” said Bill.

Producer Meg O'Callaghan now in Myrtle Beach shared these photos of empty grocery store shelves.

“(Everyone’s) Stocking up on water, stocking up on bread. On Tuesday Walmart was empty, ran out of things,” said Meg.

Former Las Cruces bureau reporter, Samantha Manning, is now a reporter in Orlando, where even Disney World closed.

They're all working to get the video and stories of Matthew, so everyone else can stay safe.

“It's very dangerous. People should not be doing what we are doing,” said Bill Melugin.

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