El Paso High School falls short of world record but shows tremendous pride

El Paso High Alumni were short 700 people to break the worlds largest high school reunion.

The El Paso High School Alumni were planning to break a ten year Guiness Book of World Record this past weekend, but just fell short of having the largest high school reunion.

While the tigers may not have broken the record, the R.R. Jones stadium was filled.

But for some alumni, it wasn’t about making a mark in El Paso History. It was about pride.

“It’s the oldest high school in the city, so much history has come of there,” said Michael Montes, the president of EPHS Alumni Association.

Montes said in order to break the recorder, organizers needed 3,300 alumni at the game this past Saturday.

“We came up a little bit short,” Montes said. “We came up about seven hundred people short.”

In the stadium, 2,600 alumni registered for the world record. But Montes said one of the reasons for falling just short of the record could be because of the system.

“It’s a hard record to break,” Montes said. “Well everyone had to turn in an identification card, and a lot of people had to turn in a year book with their picture in it. If you name has changed since high school you also have to submit a form where it changed, and I think that turned a lot of people off.”

Montes said his organization got the word out about what was required as best as they could through social media and word-of-mouth, but says there’s only so much the organization can do to get the word out.

Montes said multiple positives came out of the event over the weekend, like the donations thousands of people made to preserve the school’s storied history.

“Our goals is to eventually build a museum for the history of El Paso High and calling it the Alumni House,” Montes said.

The alumni didn’t break the record, but Montes said doing this wasn’t about breaking records. He said it was about the pride El Pasoan’s have for their school.

“The record was a small thing, but to bring that many people together, and having them look back on their memories, far out-weighs coming up short seven hundred people,” Montes said.

The EL Paso High School Alumni have a goal of reaching one million dollars in donations for the school. Montes said he doesn’t have the exact amount of donations received over the weekend, but says the organization is still accepting donations.

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