Study proves playing video games can improve brain function

Courtesy: MGN

Some people view playing video games as a waste of time, but research has shown there are some benefits for you or your child to play them.

Ever since video games came out in the 1970s, some have criticized it as bad for you. But in today’s age, video games could be an aspect to a healthier life.

KFOX14 found out some things you could benefit from by turning on the console.

“From Atari to what games are now, they can help in all different types of areas,” said Bernie Garcia, owner of One More Level Retro Games. “It helps out from my experience hand and eye coordination to handwriting skills. Every type of game has its purpose. People just need to open up and see.”

There has been plenty of research and articles concluding that video games could lead to obesity, aggressive behavior and poor performance in school. But there are benefits to gaming.

University of California-Irvine researchers found that video games directly correlate to memory boosting over time. The study showed as an unforeseen benefit, video games help people learn to cope with, and directly respond to, stressful decision making. The study also showed that gamers can be better at problem solving than non-gamers.

KFOX14 wanted to put this theory to the test and asked a group of gamers and non-gamers a series of brain teasing questions.

All the gamers answered the five problem solving questions correctly within seconds, while the non-gamers only answered one correctly.

KFOX14 found one 10-year-old gamer who understands the benefits of gaming and wanted to show his parents.

“My parents wanted me to study more,” said Sean Maguire, a 10-year-old gamer. “But I really like to play video games.”

His grandmother told KFOX14 he does well in school, and loves to play video games and do puzzles to exercise his mind.

“I ended up finding studies online on why video games are beneficial,” Sean said. “So I made a list and showed it to my parents. And now they let me play more video games.”

Sean’s grandmother said he’s allowed around one hour of video games during the week, and his parents make him play outside to exercise. But she said video games have really helped Sean perform in school.

“He’s able to concentrate more after he’s played these games,” Billie Maguire said. “His parents say he has to finish all of his homework then he can play. But he mostly gets his homework done at school.”

Maguire told KFOX14 he loves to do math problems and solve puzzles in his spare time. He told KFOX14 it took him one day to solve a Rubik’s cube.

University of California-Irvine research found that video games can be therapeutic for those with memory loss as well. However, the research said that everything needs to be taken in moderation.