How DNA is helping solve more than cold cases

Dissecting DNA (Credit: KFOX)

DNA testing is a science that not only helps solve cold cases, but now helps corporations and parents respectively prove whether someone in the family is using drugs.

The use of DNA testing has also expanded its uses to the general public in ways that can solve very personal -- and in some cases very private -- mysteries...., such as whether your partner is cheating on you.

Steve Long, of Alliance; DNA Laboratory in Las Cruces, processes; DNA for lab businesses such as Fastest Labs in El Paso, which has filled a booming niche in the area.

Fastest Labs is contracted by governmental agencies to check on people for such reasons as probation, or monitoring by Child Protective Services of Texas. increasingly, however, Long and Marta De Los Santos of Fastest Labs say they are seeing more people request DNA testing for personal reasons.

Both Long and De Los Santos say they have been surprised by the growing interest in DNA to prove infidelity. There is also a pattern of young single soldiers stationed at Fort Bliss seeking DNA testng to prove paternity with young ladies they've met while stationed here.

And, national politics has also had some bearing on the success of DNA labs recently, as some applicants for resident-alien status in the United States through paternity, find themselves having to bprove their lineage during the process of applying with Immigration Services.

Ultimately, both Long and De Los Santos are convinced the use of DNA testing is still expanding and eventually will likely be used to predetermine a propensity toward illness and even predict behavior.

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