Recall alert: Nissan, BMW and smokeless tobacco


Nissan has issued a recall for 341,005 cars over an issue with the rear doors. The automaker reports that the rear-door latch cable may have been installed incorrectly. As a result, when a passenger lowers the rear window, the door might accidentally become unlatched and open up.

This can pose an injury hazard to passengers. The 2015 -2017 Nissan Altimas are affected by this recall. The automaker has not yet come up with a notification schedule. When it does, drivers will be asked to take their cars in to an authorized dealer for a free repair.

Owners with questions can contact Nissan at 800-647-7261.

Meanwhile, BMW of North America is recalling 230,117 cars over an issue with the airbags. The automaker reports that, in the event of an accident, the driver-side airbags could deploy with so much force that the inflator could rupture, sending metal fragments flying toward the car’s occupants.

The airbags were already replaced in these cars but need to be switched out once again.

The following models are affected by this recall:

-- 2000-2002 BMW 320i

-- 2000-2002 BMW 323i

-- 2000-2002 BMW 325i

-- 2000-2002 BMW 325xi

-- 2000-2002 BMW 330i

-- 2000-2002 BMW 330xi

-- 2000-2002 BMW 323Ci

-- 2000-2002 BMW 325Ci

-- 2000-2002 BMW 330Ci

-- 2000-2002 BMW M3

-- 2000-2002 BMW 323iT

-- 2000-2002 BMW 325iT

-- 2000-2002 BMW 325xiT

-- 2001-2002 525i

-- 2001-2002 530i

-- 2001-2002 540i

-- 2001-2002 M5

-- 2001-2002 525iT

-- 2001-2002 540iT

-- 2001-2003 X5 3.0i

-- 2001-2003 X5 4.4i

-- 2001-2003 X5 4.6is

BMW will notify owners, who will need to take the cars in for a free inspection and repair. This recall is expected to begin on March 15.

Customers with questions can contact the automaker at 800-525-7417.

Finally, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. has issued a recall for 43 flavors of its tobacco products after metal fragments were discovered inside the cans.

The company has received eight customer complaints to date reporting metal in the cans. The tobacco was sold in Texas and four other states.

The products affected by this recall can be found here:

Customers are asked to not use the tobacco and contact the company for a refund. Consumers with questions can contact USSTC at 866-201-9136.

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