Recall Alert: Gerber, BMW and SoyNut Butter

Soy butter recall

BMW North America has issued a recall for more than 134,000 cars over an issue with the power train. The recall affects at least eight models of cars.

The automaker reports that water and debris can get into the front driveshaft’s universal joint. That can cause excessive wear on the joint, which can cause it to stop working.

The following models are affected by the recall:

-- 2011-2013 X5 xDrive35i

-- 2011-2013 X5 xDrive50i

-- 2011-2013 X5 M

-- 2011-2013 X5 xDrive35d

-- 2011-2014 X6 xDrive35i

-- 2011-2014 X6 xDrive50i

-- 2011-2014 X6M vehicles

-- 2011 x6 ActiveHybrid

BMW will notify owners about the defect and replace the front driveshaft free of charge starting on April 24. Customers with questions can contact BMW at 888-327-4236.

Meanwhile, Gerber Products Co. has issued a recall for its Cheese Ravioli Gerber Pasta Pick-up due to mislabeling. The company reports that egg was listed in the ingredients but it was not added into the “Contains” section on the label, which could cause some confusion for parents.

Children with egg allergies could experience an allergic reaction if they eat the raviolis. There have been no reports of illnesses but Gerber is asking parents who have children with egg allergies to either throw the food out or return it to the store for a refund.

Gerber is in the process of updating the food packaging labels to make it easier for parents to identify food that contain allergens like milk, eggs and wheat.

Parents with questions can contact Gerber at 800-510-7494.

Finally, the SoyNut Butter Co. has expanded its recall of I.M. Healthy Brand SoyNut Butter and granola products.

The new recall includes Dixie Diner’s Club brand Carb Not Beanit Butter. The products are being recalled over an E. coli contamination.

The recall also now includes:

-- I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter 15 oz plastic jars

-- I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter individual portion cups

-- I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter 4 lb. plastic tubs

-- I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter 45 lb. pails.

-- I.M. Healthy granola individual serving packages

-- I.M. Healthy granola 12 oz. bags

-- I.M. Healthy granola 50 oz. bags

-- I.M. Healthy granola 25 lb. bulk bag

SoyNut Butter is available in Original Creamy, Chunky, Honey Creamy, Unsweetened and Chocolate. I.M. Healthy Granola is available in Original, Apple, Blueberry, and Raisin and Cranberry.

At least 16 people in nine states have gotten sick from the soy butter and granola.

Customers are asked to immediately throw the butter and granola out or return it to the store. Customers with questions can contact the company at 800-288-1012. For Dixie Diner’s Club products, customers can call 800-233-3668.

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