Woman claims her dog was mistakenly adopted out at Animal Services

Woman claims her dog was mistakenly adopted out at Animal Services

An east El Paso woman said Animal Services adopted her dog out just hours before she had the chance to pick her up.

Hannah Manriquez said misinformation is the root of the problem.

She said she made arrangements with Animal Services to get her runaway dog back, but it was too late.

Now, she said she wants them to get her dog back.

"She's my dog, you know, she's my family," Manriquez said.

When she woke up on the Fourth of July, Manriquez said Happy was missing.

“I’ve never had an issues with her ever getting out,” she said.

She called Animal Services immediately. Manriquez said the dog means a lot to her because her father gave the dog to her before he passed away.

Animal Services told Manriquez they did have Happy and it would cost about $130 to get her back.

Manriquez could not come with the money immediately but she said she arranged to pick Happy up on Friday.

She showed up on that Friday and her dog was gone.

"I've never had to deal with Animal Services. I don't know how they run things there. I go by, based off of what I was informed. They knew I was going to be there on Friday."

Animal Services told Manriquez that her dog was given to another family because she didn’t pick her up within the three days specified in their policies.

KFOX14 contacted Animal Services and they sent the following statement:

“We are currently looking into what exactly occurred in this situation, but we like to remind the public that it is important to reclaim your pets as soon as possible."

"It's just heartbreaking for her to not be around. And, it hurts me even more, because it was my dad's dog. And you know, my dad had her all of those years and now because of the fact that, you know, I was completely misinformed, I wasn't told the right information," Manriquez said.

Manriquez said she takes responsibility for not having her dog microchipped but said she hopes the family who adopted Happy will return her.

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