Westside businesses flock to east El Paso

Late, Later (Credit: KFOX14)

As the east side of El Paso continues to grow, more and more local business owners are cashing in on the boom.

The folks behind Later Later in downtown El Paso are opening up a new bar on the east side called Born and Raised.

They’re just one of many current business owners choosing to expand to the east side.

“The east side is growing. We’re excited to grow out there. It isn't exactly Later Later, it’s a completely different concept. But we're very excited to expand to the market out there. You’ve got the far east side, Horizon,” said director of operations Junior Vasquez.

According to data from the Texas comptroller’s office, most spending is happening on the east side. Bars and restaurants on this side of town are drawing in the most money.

It’s what’s making this expansion so lucrative for those who already own businesses in other parts of town.

Rubik’s Arcade Bar is opening an east side location.

West side restaurant Rib Hut is expanding eastward too.

And Touch Bar and Nightclub, once located downtown, chose to relocate to the east side recently.

East side residents say they are glad to see so many businesses catering to this side of town.

“I think it’s a very good thing. I think the east side is growing by leaps and bounds. There’s endless space so I think it brings a good atmosphere to this side of town,” said Paul Farmer said.

Right now, some east siders like Sergio Salcedo drive to the west side to eat and drink.

“Whenever we want to get away cause the places [on the east side] are getting kind of stale, like we already know what we have and everything, and we want to try something that’s just on the west side,” he said.

Because of this, he sayssaid it’s good to see some of the more west side and downtown businesses moving east.

“It’s better. Less driving and it’s just convenient,” Salcido said.

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