Body recovered from canal near Bustamante Wastewater Treatment Plant

Body found near Bustamante Wastewater Plant

Crews recovered a body at a canal near the Bustamante Wastewater Treatment Plant on Southside Drive Friday afternoon.

At about 12:31 p.m. the El Paso Fire Department were dispatched to the scene when a person walking by the canal saw a body trapped in a head gate.

According to the fire department, the first fire unit arrived on scene 10 minutes later and spotted the body. The Water Rescue team was immediately dispatched to assist with the recovery.

The gate was slightly opened to release the body and the Water Rescue team was able to pull the body out and turned the body over to the police, the fire department said.

The El Paso Fire Department would like to remind the public that canals are extremely dangerous and should be avoided.

"The canal system is meant to move water quickly," water rescue Capt. Ruben Candelaria said. "At the surface the water appears to be moving slowly, but the center of the canal is the fastest moving part. Also many times many people who jump into the canal system believe that because the water is shallow they can make is across easily. The force of the water is such that it pushes you downstream and requires good swimming techniques."

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