Water line breaks cause water woes for Horizon City residents

Water line break affecting people living in Horizon City. (Courtesy: City of Horizon Facebook)

Water line breaks are causing water woes for people in Horizon City.

The neighborhood next to Sue Shook Elementary was without water from Wednesday night until Thursday morning because of a large water line break near Horizon Middle School.

That water line break got fixed.

But Thursday, people in the neighborhood became worried about another water line break that happened in front of their homes.

People in the neighborhood tell KFOX14 they noticed water coming out of small cracks in the street Thursday morning.

KFOX14 called the Horizon Regional Municipal Utility District to report it, as did several others on the street.

The utility company said it was aware of the issue; however, since crews had to work overnight to repair the break on Kenazo, they were very short staffed today.

In addition to that, they already had several other reports of breaks across town that needed a response.

People on the street said they wanted the break fixed as soon as possible because they don't want to lose water again.

"It could affect all these houses and the school over there where my nephew goes," said resident Mark Gamboa.

KFOX14 placed the call at 12:52 p.m., and crews showed up a little after 3 p.m.

They began placing cones in the area as they got ready to make necessary repairs.

There's no word on whether Thursday's breaks were connected to the one on Kenazo.

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