Vermont State Trooper changes El Paso boy's life

Tristan loves videos of a K-9 dog from the Vermont State Troopers.

Finding a companion for life can take some people their whole life. For one El Paso boy, he found his at the tender age of 4.

Vermont State Trooper Nick Arlington has been part of the K-9 unit for two years. He has a German shepherd by the name of Maximus.

Just a few months ago, Arlington and his dog Max came across a 4-year-old El Paso boy, Tristan Siller.

How a Vermont K-9 state trooper was able to cross paths with an El Paso boy was because of Facebook.

Arlington runs a Facebook page dedicated to his dog, Max.

"Lately, Tristan's been really into some videos of a K-9 dog from Vermont state troopers," said Monica Siller, Tristan's mother.

Siller said Tristan has a particular favorite video of Max.

"It's a video of Maximus jumping. I guess, trying to catch water," Siller said. "He thinks it's the funniest thing."

Siller recorded her son's infectious laugh while watching the video. She wanted to share it with Arlington.

"I ended up sending a video to him, showing how much Tristan loved Max," Siller said.

That's when Arlington found out about Tristan.

"Tristan has epilepsy and autism," Siller said.

She said Tristan suffers from seizures.

"Tristan stops breathing completely," Siller said. "If somebody isn't there watching him, we wouldn't notice. So his seizures are life-threatening."

But what stuck Arlington's heart was the help Siller was trying to provide for her son.

"I have been trying to get him a service dog, but they're very expensive," Siller said.

When Arlington found out Siller has been trying to get a service dog, he took matters into his own hands.

"From one day to another, he had a GoFundMe account set up to get Tristan a service a dog," Siller said.

Within months, Arlington raised nearly $3,500 -- all donated by complete strangers.

"It's amazing, they're not even people from El Paso," Siller said.

Arlington said he already made the down payment for Tristan's very own dog, Mushu, who is already in training.

Arlington said all of this is because of the bond he and Tristan share, with Max.

Arlington still needs nearly $6,500 more. You can donate to Arlington's cause here.

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