UTEP hockey team gears up for Conference Championship Tournament

The UTEP Hockey Club is in its second season, and it's playing for the championship this week.

Coach Tom Herman said he's excited about having the home advantage and he couldn't be more proud of the team.

He also said that the local support for this UTEP game is great.

The team comes pretty close to filling the EP Events Center, home of the Rhinos, for games.

This weekend should be no exception.

Herman mentioned that the visiting teams enjoy the atmosphere as well.

"El Paso is becoming a hockey community," says Herman.

"The hockey club stays engaged with the fans during season with social media ticket giveaways and allowing kids to join the Miners on the ice.

Most of the players on the team are not from El Paso.

Some come from Canada and Mexico.

Herman says local fans can still relate to the players.

Herman is inviting the community to keep up the support for this event.

The Miners don't play until Friday, Feb. 10.

Thursday, Texas Tech plays UNT, and that winner plays UTEP.

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