TXDOT works to keep construction areas safe during windy days

Windy weather makes construction zones more difficult to work in. (KFOX/CBS4)

Thursday was another gusty day across the Borderland. This time the wind advisory affected drivers on their way home from work as the blowing dust advisory continues through 9 p.m.

Before strong winds like Thursday's, TxDOT takes precautions in securing materials and signage across road construction areas in El Paso. Extra sandbags are used to make sure cones and signs stay in place. Even though all that is done, TxDOT still wants people to be extra careful driving this afternoon particularly near construction zones.

"When there's high winds it does affect visibility. The extra precaution of slowing down even more, and keeping alert because things can go flying whether it's materials or whatever, they're mostly secured but it could happen," Jennifer Wright, a spokesperson with TxDOT, said.

As of Thursday no road work had to be stalled because of winds. Construction changes are usually done when cranes are being used at sites. Crews are expected to patrol construction areas tomorrow morning to make sure everything is in place.

If you happen to see any signage or cones flipped over you can call TxDOT at (915) 790-4200.

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