Turbines atop iconic airway lights at a standstill for now

Airway turbines.jpg

You may have noticed that the colorful airway lights aren’t spinning as they normally do.

It could be a while before the iconic freeway lights are back in commission.

The turbines on top of the abstract light fixtures normally spin on windy days, but the city of El Paso tells KFOX14 that a blade mechanism broke.

Because of this, the turbines cannot spin.

Repairing them will not be easy.

The city has to work with the artists who designed the fixtures to determine what needs to be done and to help pay for the repairs.

One thing is for sure -- the part that needs to be replaced has to be custom made since it’s a unique fixture.

The city tells KFOX14 it might be until late summer or early fall until they’re fixed.

El Pasoans say the repairs will be worth it, no matter the cost, to restore the iconic lights to their full glory.

“It's a piece of art. It took somebody the time and effort to get it done. It looks nice and I think it's something that should be repaired and just keep the art going you know? Gives a little color to I-10,” said Issac Castaneda.

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