Trump changes plans for border wall

Fence along the U.S./Mexico border in Santa Teresa, N.M. (Credit: KFOX14/CBS4)

White House officials released a transcript Thursday that describes a border wall different than the one described during President Donald Trump’s campaign.

In the statement, Trump says that 2,000 miles of a wall is not necessary due to natural barriers. He said “You have mountains. You have some rivers that are violent and vicious. You have some areas that are so far away that you don’t really have people crossing. So you don’t need that.”

He says anywhere from 700 to 900 miles of border wall will do.

During Trump’s campaign, he described a wall 30 feet high. Now he says you will need to be able to see through the wall. Critics say this resembles the border fence that was built under presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Trump supporters say this goes against campaign promises. In a statement to the Los Angeles Times, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform in Washington says Trump needs to push Congress to do what he was elected for.“Now it’s time to deliver,” the spokesman wrote.

Trump says he’s taking a wall that is in very bad shape and replacing it.

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