Three Albuquerque men accused of burglarizing 10 vehicles at west El Paso gyms

Master Jefferson is accused of burglarizing west El Paso gyms. Credit: El Paso Police.

A group of Albuquerque men is accused of vehicle burglary sprees at two west El Paso gyms.

Police were informed of a series of vehicle burglaries Tuesday night at EP Fitness at 981 N. Resler Drive and the UFC Gym at 6633 N. Mesa St.

"Our last class at 8 p.m. was happening and when the class was over around 9 p.m.," said Alan Licon with UFC Gym. "Our members were leaving and found their cars vandalized with some windows broken and a lot of their personal belongings were taken."

Between both gyms, 10 vehicles were burglarized and wallets, purses, cash and credit cards were stolen, police said.

Police said that based on the suspects' pattern of activities from previous sprees, officers set up surveillance at two major retail stores.

An officer saw a man running out of one store and the officer recognized him from past cases, police said.

The man, later identified as Corderro Jefferson, 29, got into a black Taurus and sped away, police said.

Officers followed the vehicle, which entered Interstate 10 west at Mesa Street, and police caught up with the vehicle on North Desert Boulevard and Redd Road after it crashed into another vehicle, police said.

Three people got out of the Taurus and ran off in different directions, but officers arrested them.

Corderro Jefferson, Master Jefferson, 36, and Al Marion Bennem, 34, are charged with engaging in organized criminal activity burglary of a vehicle and evading arrest.

Master Jefferson is also charged with possession of marijuana. His bail totals $23,000.

Bennem's and Corderro Jefferson’s bail was set at $10,000 each.

Police say they have seen an increase in vehicle burglaries at gym parking lots.

Licon said he was surprised people would do something so brazen during business hours at his gym.

"I heard before that other gyms were getting hit, but we weren't very alarmed by it," he said. "Especially, you know, since we're a little bit more intimate and tucked away in a corner."

Last month, nine vehicles were burglarized at the Gold Gym parking lot in east El Paso.

Police said Tuesday it's unknown whether that incident is related to this most recent spree.

A teen was also accused of breaking into a vehicle parked at a far east El Paso gym in April.

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