Thousands gather to pop fireworks in Montana Vista to celebrate Fourth of July

Fireworks in Montana Vista (KFOX14)

People flocked to fireworks stands in Montana Vista on Fourth of July.

Owners say this is the day they see most of their sales.

While everyone is having fun popping fireworks, dozens of law enforcement officers and fire crews worked to make sure everyone is safe.

Fireworks stand owners say safety is No. 1.

Thousands of people go to Montana Vista each year for the Fourth of July.

“This is the second year we’ve been able to sell since they lifted the ban, so people are excited about it, they’re coming out to buy fireworks,” said Patrick Reyes of B and R Fireworks.

Audrey Gonzalez, who sells fireworks at the TNT Fireworks stand, said they are heavily monitored for safety.

“The fire marshals came out to make sure that were educated on the fireworks and how to pop them, and we have the fire extinguishers just in case anything else happens,” Gonzalez said.

Fires are the last thing anyone wants.

“The only thing we ask is that they stay away from the dry brush. They can pop anywhere where there’s dirt and rock and that’s all,” Reyes said.

Chief Roland Glidden with the Montana Vista Fire Department said his crews are keeping a close eye out on people.

“We’re patrolling the area with rescue trucks and brush trucks,” Glidden said.

Everyone who was out seemed to be enjoying themselves in a safe environment.

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