The pros and cons of Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are being banned at school districts across the country because schools claim they are a distraction. But a psychologist said there are some benefits to the toys.

It’s the latest craze that’s sweeping the nation – fidget spinners.

These spinning toys are basically to help control fidgeting. Kids all across the country are using them to focus in the classroom. But school districts all over the country have banned the toy from school due to the toys being a distraction.

However, one psychologist in El Paso said the fidget spinners can actually be beneficial for kids.

“Some people that are anxious need to do things with their hands,” said Elizabeth Richeson, a medical psychologist in El Paso. “If you could use that spinner to sit down and concentrate as you take deep breaths along with I think it’s very productive. Especially when it calms those kids down.”

10-year-old Sean Maguire said the fidget spinners actually helps him.

“I have a hard time concentrating sometimes,” Maguire said. “The fidget spinners help me think and it helps me do my work in class.”

No school districts in the Borderland have banned fidget spinners. But Maguire said for his school it’s up to the teachers.

“One of my teachers doesn’t allow us to have them,” Maguire said. “But another teacher of mine lets us, just not when we’re doing work sometimes.”

While Richeson said this toy can have its benefits, like most things, it needs to be in moderation.

“Someone can get too attached to it,” Maguire said. “They could be relying on it too much and that’s not good. And if it becomes a distraction to others then that’s not good either.”

Maguire said he’s noticed sometimes he plays with his fidget spinner too much and won’t use as much at home. He agreed with Richeson that moderation is needed.

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