State recommends 30 years if Antonio Lopez pleads guilty

Prosecutors on Wednesday recommended offering a man accused of stomping an 11-month-old child to death in 2012 a plea deal in which he would serve 30 years in prison.

KFOX14 was the only TV station in court Wednesday, a few days before a scheduled trial, when prosecutors offered the deal to Antonio Lopez in exchange for a guilty plea.

Jury selection in Lopez's latest trial is scheduled to begin Friday morning.

A judge declared a mistrial last year after a jury was unable to reach a verdict in a trial that lasted almost two weeks.

Defense attorneys said they needed to talk to Lopez before responding to the state's offer.

Judge Bonnie Rangel asked both parties to participate in "meaningful negotiations."

Lopez faces a life sentence if he is convicted of capital murder.

KFOX14 contacted Lopez's defense attorney, Robin Norris, for comment.

Norris said they've discussed the offer with Lopez, but haven't reached a decision at this time.

Lopez has always maintained the position that he's not guilty, but a decision hasn't been made, said Norris.

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