Some business owners say Streetcar Project continues to disrupt business

Streetcar Project construction on Stanton Street

The Streetcar Project continues and some businesses are feeling the impact.

Construction for the project on the corner of Cincinnati and Stanton streets started in November 2016.

It has been a long process for some business owners, but there is finally some good news.

Martin Bartlett, spokesperson for the project, said Stanford Street between Cincinnati and Schuster Avenue is expected to reopen for two-way traffic on Friday.

"We absolutely understand that this project has been disruptive,” Barlett said. “Having a street that is in front of your business, in front of your home, in front of your school, in front of your church, torn up for weeks on end, in some cases, months, is disruptive. It is absolutely a difficult complication. However, ultimately, at the end of the day, once these streetcars get rolling, we're optimistic that El Pasoans will feel that the wait has been worth it."

Bartlett told KFOX14 that all of the construction for the project is expected to be completed by the end of the year. He says that is when the streetcar testing will begin.

"So, you'll start to see the streetcars rolling, but they'll be testing speed, testing braking, testing capacity -- all of those really important things that are required before we can certify the system as safe,” he says. “And then, it will be turned over to the city of El Paso and then they'll run it through Sun Metro, the city’s mass transit department."

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