Soldiers conduct live-fire training on Ft. Bliss

Fort Bliss soldiers conduct live-fire training at the Dona Ana Range Complex.

Fort Bliss soldiers are conducting a live-fire training in the Borderland.

It is going on at the Dona Ana Range Complex in New Mexico.

The soldiers are also training with Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

"I think it prepares you pretty well, I mean, the maneuvers, movements and specific things that these squads are doing out there are exactly what they're going to do in the real world,” said SPC Jerrad Plunk.

This type of training helps the troops to brush up on weapon systems, movements, target recognition and communication skills.

"Just for practice for repetition that way when it is live then it's like second nature,” said Pvt. James Moore. “You won't have to think about what you're doing, you're just going right into it, you know, getting it done, getting your job done."

The training started on Wednesday and the troops will be out there until Friday.

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