Semi trucks lost in Sunland Park during GO10 construction closures

Dozens of semi trucks were stranded Wednesday morning in Sunland Park because of confusion about GO10 closures.

Traffic was being detoured off I-10 at Sunland Park. Drivers were supposed to be re-routed to Mesa to get back on the highway, but truck drivers said they were confused about the detours and ended up lost in Sunland Park.

The Texas Department of Transportation said the confusion had nothing to do with detour signs, but with drivers following their GPS.

"Follow the detour signs, go slowly, realize there's a police officer directing traffic, and directing you to go to the detours," said Jennifer Wright, a spokesperson for TXDOT.

Wright said TXDOT spoke with police to be more forceful when it comes to traffic direction, and for drivers to not follow their GPS on the detours.

As of 5 a.m. Sunland Park Police said they had re-routed about 100 trucks since 3am.

"Right around 3 a.m. we started seeing droves of 5, 10, 15 semi trucks coming down Sunland park drive and then hitting McNutt, and some of them would go down McNutt to Paisano," said Sergeant Jaime Reyes with the Sunland Park police department. "A lot of them don't have updated GPS to know Paisano has been closed. We started seeing semi trucks doing U-turns on a small two lane road and we actually had to set up where we could redirect the semi trucks to turn onto Racetrack or turn back onto Sunland Park Drive, depending on which direction they came from."

I-10 re-opened just after 5 a.m. The same overnight closure will be happening through Friday.

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