Renovations are underway for some public schools in Las Cruces

Renovations are underway for some public schools in Las Cruces

A total of nine schools in Las Cruces are being renovated.

Some of the renovations include new security gates for two of those schools.

Security gates were installed at Lynn Middle School and Camino Real Middle School .

Las Cruces High School is getting $40 million worth of renovations, including a new gym, cafeteria, field house and classrooms.

That project is expected to be completed by February of 2018.

Hermosa Heights Elementary is also on the list for a multipurpose room.

It will have bleachers, basketball courts, and a new kitchen.

Jornada Elementary School is getting renovations to its reception area, principal's office, and secretary workplace.

The remodeling project will also include relocating the front office.

Sierra Middle School, Alma D’ Arte and Desert Hill Elementary will be receiving a new roof after hail damage.

Mayfield High School’s cafeteria is also getting $2,000 worth of renovations.

A spokeswoman for the district says the projects are off to a great start.

"Back in 2014 our community approved $65 million in bond issues and that has really been a lifesaving vote by the public to have new school projects,” Jo Galvan said.

Funding for the projects is coming from the district’s bonds and capital outlay funds.

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