Precautions being taken after blue-green algae found at Elephant Butte

Elephant Butte (Credit: KFOX14)

Elephant Butte officials said some algae that could be dangerous to people and pets has been found at the lake.

Initial reports surfaced on Monday that blue-green algae had been found near the Three Sisters Cove area at the lake.

The news comes just days before a busy Fourth of July weekend.

New Mexico park officials said some blue-green algae can be toxic to people and pets. It will be tested this week to see if the algae found is the toxic kind.

The algae is short-lived and forms naturally in the lake, especially during the summer months or early fall.

It gets its name because it is a turquoise color.

Anyone who comes in contact with it, should rinse it off immediately. If it is ingested, people should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

"It's taking the necessary precautions to make sure the blue-green algae is not present but again there is no reason why folks can't come and enjoy a great Fourth of July weekend here," Evaristo Giron, park manager, said.

Those headed out to Elephant Butte this weekend are asked to wear a life vest and report any -green algae to park officials immediately.

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