Potential landmark case in El Paso county

EL PASO, Texas - Every day, millions of people take the plunge to say, "I do"... But, the reality is some people get divorced. El Paso County is set to see its first same-sex divorce case. Due to attorney-client privilege, we can't show you the couple but, we can tell you they married in New Mexico.

Friday's landmark Supreme Court ruling allowing same-sex marriage also clears the way for them to end their marriage. Attorney Jose Rocha says these types of cases should be no different for same-sex couples.

"Prior to this, it would have made a huge change," said Rocha.

"Mainly because of the different laws in the different state. Now that the Supreme Court's decision is nationwide, it shouldn't be an issue."

In El Paso County, divorces require counseling -- and Michael Wade of American Counseling Service explains same-sex couples deal with the same issues as couples.

Wade says, "With all couples, counseling is the same the goal is to move from conflict resolution right so same-sex couples have the same similar conflicts" Although Texas isn't embracing the historic ruling, Rocha believes the courts will be able to see past those beliefs.

"Judges should be neutral, competent and follow the law," stated Rocha. " And in this great, this great state of Texas, if you don't like your judge, you can vote him out." After many couples waited years for this momentous day, the spouse who filed the divorce thinks he may be facing some backlash.

"I don't think that if someone wants to divorce I would personalize it and say, 'How could you do that, we fought so hard for this right,," said Wade.

"I think it's a relationship issue."