People could be spending more on flights after recent proposal from President

(Credit: MGN Online)

President Donald Trump is looking to add more TSA security at the airport, but it will come at an added price for travelers.

The president announced Thursday that airline tickets should cover 75 percent of TSA operations.

As of now, travelers are paying an extra $5.60 each way and $11 for connecting flights.

The president's proposal would raise the rate by a dollar per flight, and not just one way.

The Trump administration believes the could bring $40 billion in the first decade.

Not everyone is happy about the proposal.

Chris Johnson said he would opt out of booking a flight to avoid the extra cost.

“No, I wouldn’t pay more for airline fees. I would probably try and find other means of transportation to get where I want to go rather than pay more,” Johnson said.

If approved. the extra security would go into effect on Oct. 1.

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