Pebble Hills High School students use Heimlich Maneuver to save friend

Pebble Hills High School students use CPR skills learned in class to save friend's life.

Two Pebble Hills High School students are being called heroes after saving their friend's life when she started choking on a muffin while at school.

Destiny Provencio and Deborah Briones were on campus with their friend, Adriana Bernier, when the unthinkable happened.

"I just started choking," Bernier said. "I'm prone to, like, I know myself and I usually just spit it out or cough it out but that time I couldn't do it."

Instantly, Briones and Provencio jumped into action.

"I did [abdominal thrusts] like three times and then she coughed up the muffin," Provencio said.

The girls credit their life-saving knowledge to the skills they learned in law enforcement class.

Part of the class requires students to learn first aid, CPR and Heimlich Maneuver.

They're not the only students who've received this training. According to faculty, there are more than 300 students in the law enforcement program at Pebble Hills High School.

"This is my second year teaching and this is the first time I've been confronted with anyone putting it to use. They had just received the training about two or three weeks prior, so the timing was perfect," law enforcement teacher Rod Liston said.

On Tuesday night, the girls received recognition at the Socorro Independent School District meeting for their quick thinking and action.

The girls tell KFOX14 everyone should learn these life-saving techniques because, like them, you never know when you'll need the knowledge.

"It's something that actually happens in reality and it's something we can't avoid and we have to be prepared to save somebody's life cause it's just what happens and everybody has to know how to save somebody else," Briones said.

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