NMSU professor in Florida, preparing for Hurricane Irma to hit

Dr. Roger Mellen is an associate professor for journalism and mass communications at New Mexico State University. He just recently relocated to the St. Augustine area of Florida. He said he is seeing the effects of Hurricane Irma, even though his home is not in the hurricane's direct path.

As Hurricane Irma rips through portions of Florida, a

New Mexico State University professor said he just moved to the Sunshine State and is now dealing with effects of the storm.

Roger Mellen is an associate professor of journalism and mass communications at NMSU.

He told KFOX14 he just moved to Florida and has already jumped into action to prepare for the potential of Hurricane Irma hitting his area, just outside of St. Augustine.

He said he is now teaching online courses for NMSU from his new Florida home.

"There was a front that moved through here that dumped 2 1/2 inches of rain so far today,” he said. "We've had some substantial wind and we've already lost power twice."

Folks in the Sunshine State are hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

"You can't totally prepare, but you can try to get your home and yourselves ready,” Mellen said.

He said right now, his area is not in the direct path of Hurricane Irma.

"But, that's the prediction, you don't know exactly what's going to happen,” he said.

Right now, he said he is doing his best to get ready.

“So, we had a lot of work to do to get boxes off the floor of the garage, to get our cars in the garage,” he said. “We've really been working hard the last couple of days. So, we've done everything we can to prepare, to prepare for a hurricane, because you don't know what exactly is going to happen."

But, there have been some challenges.

"We could not find gas on Tuesday,” he said. “On Tuesday, when people heard the storm was coming, everybody filled up with gas. I haven't seen water on the shelf for a week."

Mellen said several stores in his area are now closed.

"So, people have been scrambling,” he said. “But, they've also been scrambling to restock."

He told KFOX14 he is staying at home, which he said is the safest place for him to be.

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