Multiple power outages in recent weeks raise concerns for people in Far East El Paso

Multiple power outages in recent weeks raise concerns for people in Far East El Paso

People in Far East El Paso want answers following multiple power outages in recent weeks.

The most recent outage happened Friday and affected more than 6,000 people.

People in the area say they’re fed up with the constant lack of power and want to know why it’s happening.

“This is a very recent thing. It’s really difficult because you never know when it’s going to happen,” Debra Ruz said.

Ruz lives in the Tierra del Este community, where the power has been going out constantly.

In this summer heat, it's becoming a nuisance.

“I ended up going out in my car because it was so hot in my home. I took my animals and sat in my car for three hours,” Ruz said.

There have been two outages in the past week alone. Those were due to a faulty transformer at a nearby substation.

The outages have some local residents looking at the bright side.

“We just try to make the most of it. You know, trying to have bonfires or flashlights with candles with the family. Just trying to have a little fun, make the most of it,” said Reuben Rodriguez said.

“[We’re] constantly resetting the clocks. I guess it’s pretty good, keeps me aware of the time,” Lamon Bradford said.

But people in the community want to know what caused the outages.

“I mean it’s been happening quite often to the point where we're talking about what’s happening with this area specifically because this is an area where the lights keep going off,” Jorge Javier Villegas Paz said.

KFOX14 went to El Paso Electric for answers.

Spokesman Eddie Gutierrez said there have been multiple causes for each outage.

“The number one causes are usually around weather or people hitting poles, and all of those things have an impact as we're still halfway through the summer,” Gutierrez said.

Despite some confusion among customers, Gutierrez clarified that none of the outages have been rolling blackouts.

He said customers would be notified if that was the case.

The last time El Paso Electric had rolling blackouts was during the freeze in 2011.

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