More than a dozen traffic signs knocked down by wind

Stop sign knocked over by wind.

The cold and windy weather over the last few days blew down more than a dozen traffic signs, including stop signs.

In a west El Paso intersection where four stops signs once stood, now there are only three.

“Some maintenance has to be done after a storm like this,” said Jim Fletcher, who lives in west El Paso.

The wind blew one of the stop signs at Escondio and Los Robles Drive away, making the intersection dangerous.

When KFOX14 went out to the streets, some drivers remembered that there once was a stop sign there and stopped, while others, including a Sun Metro bus, drove on by.

The streets are near an elementary school, something Fletcher said also makes it dangerous.

“Gotta look out for children throughout the intersection,” Fletcher said.

The city of El Paso said workers spend all day looking for fallen signs. Police also made sure to let the city know where signs needed to be replaced or fixed.

To report a sign that needs to be fixed, call 311.

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