Floodwater left behind by storms causes partial closure of Montana Avenue

Crews work to pump water out of Montana Avenue (KFOX)

Montana Avenue was shut down to one lane in Far East El Paso as crews worked to clean up flooding in the road. There are two closures in the area that are about 1,000 feet apart.

TxDOT crews were out on Montana for hours pumping water out of the road. A TxDOT supervisor working in the area said it is for the safety of drivers so no one drowns or gets stuck, and so it does not cause traffic issues.

Crews used a vector truck, which pumps the high water out of the road and into the truck. They will move it in the truck to a dry location, dump it and keep coming back and forth until all the water is gone. They also had two stand pipes to redirect water from the flooded area into the median between the lanes of Montana.

One of the closures affected El Paso man's business.

He said the road outside of his party hall gets flooded every time it rains.

"Well it is really deep, it takes quite a while for them to get the water out," said German Ramirez, owner of Sky Room Party Hall. "If it's on a weekend, yeah it really impacts my business because that's when we have dances."

Ramirez said there should be a permanent solution to prevent this from happening.

"They have to fix the streets," Ramirez said. "Because this happens every time it rains. So it has to be permanent."

A worker will stop traffic every couple of minutes to allow the stand pipe to cross the road. The TXDOT supervisor said they will be out on Montana working until the water is completely gone.

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