Mayoral candidates brace for June 10 runoff election

KFOX Mayoral Race 05072017

After Saturday's balloting, Dee Margo and David Saucedo are the only two mayoral candidates left standing after the June 10 runoff election.

Between now and then, they will be hitting the streets trying to get to that majority vote.

Margo had 45 percent of the total votes, while Saucedo had roughly 23 percent of the vote.

Margo received a majority of his votes from the west and east sides of El Paso.

Saucedo succeeded in the central parts of town. But neither got the majority vote required to win the mayor's seat.

That mean means the two candidates will go head to head-to-head in the runoff.

"I would prefer to have different options,” Isaac Gonzalez said. “If I don't agree with one of the candidates who are running, I would like to have the options to vote for someone who shares my views,"

"I think the people who have already voted for the two candidates Margo and Saucedo are probably going to vote for them again,” Don Finley said. “Probably everybody now who is out of the running, those people will probably split 50/50."

Both candidates the next step in the election process won't stop their campaigns from being in full force.

"We aren't going to change anything. We've garnered enough support this way,” Margo said. “We just need to keep up the momentum and get them out on June the 10th. We're going to campaign the way we have."

"It’s a brand-new election: 30 days,” Saucedo said. “We are going to work it very hard and work harder than anybody else in the field. I guarantee you that. We are going to make the case to the people of El Paso and I'm very excited for the next 30 days."

Some people around El Paso said they believe the votes that went to the other six candidates in the first round will be split between the two remaining candidates.

"I think the harder thing is getting the people who voted for them the first time to come out and vote again,” Finley said.

But changing the minds of some voters might be easier said than done.

"I would really like for someone to go over that more in detail so I could understand specific ideas that they have will affect me," Gonzalez said.

About 15,000 people voted for Margo and 8,000 for Saucedo. So Saucedo has some catching up to do to win the runoff election.

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