LCPD chief meets with undocumented immigrants over deportation concerns

Las Cruces Police say that some people who are in the country illegally are now afraid to report crimes because they’re scared of being deported.

Chief Jaime Montoya said he spoke with a few people who said they’re afraid to leave their homes to go to work or school.

They are worried local police will report them to ICE agents, Montoya said.

Montoya is also concerned that these people will be afraid to report crimes out of fear of deportation.

The conversation Montoya had with the undocumented immigrants comes one day after a protest over recent immigration raids.

Montoya said that Las Cruces police will not enforce immigration laws. He said he will not ask anyone for their legal status.

"They should continue to do their normal, routine but then you have this population who are undocumented who're afraid to even leave their door, so it's kind of sad,” Montoya said. “That's why we're working on educating the community with that population."

As part of that process, the police department is making bilingual flyers meant to ensure those who are in the country illegally that they won’t be targeted by local police.

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