KFOX14 Investigates: Top Intersections for Red Light Camera Tickets

More than 30,000 times in 2016, a driver ran a red light in El Paso and was caught on camera.

KFOX14 Investigates dug into the numbers of red light tickets issued to show you where drivers are still running the red, the most.

KFOX14 Investigates looked at the city’s data from January 2016-October 2016 to see where cameras are catching the most drivers who aren’t stopping.

More than 32,000 were issued to drivers who blew through a red light and that’s after more than 80,000 incidents were tossed out.

“I guess they aren't looking at the repercussions at running a red light, whether it’s the ticket or potential accident,” one driver named John told KFOX14.

Alex Rocha said he’s gotten caught on camera before. His ticket came from Joe Battle Boulevard and Rojas Drive, one of the busier intersections in the city with lots of red light tickets mailed out.

"There’s a lot traffic around here,” Rocha said.

Out of the 31 cameras at El Paso’s intersections, here’s where KFOX14 Investigates found drivers are getting caught the most; Fred Wilson Avenue and Gateway South Boulevard is the most dangerous in the city when it comes to red light camera violations with 5,466.

“I see the flashes going off all the time. Its usually at night when everyone is cruising through and you see all the flashes going off,” said Zach Hugdahl.

Also in the Northeast, is number two; Woodrow Bean Drive and Gateway North Boulevard with; 2,948 tickets.

“I think they just take it as a joke to be honest with you,” said Pattie of El Paso.

Travelers rushing for a flight might be the reason Airway Boulevard and Montana Avenue has seen 2,275 drivers going through the light.

James Lawson lives near Sean Haggerty Drive and Gateway South Boulevard. The 2,036 red light tickets issued there doesn't surprise him.

“People come down the street hauling butt usually. People are getting off the freeway 60 miles an hour--- and then there’s a stoplight 100 yards, Lawson said.

Lawson said he works as a package delivery driver in the area; so people driving safely is important to him.

“There’s always accidents here, too,” he said.

On the west side, the red light cam at Mesa Street and Sunland Park Drive rounds out the top five with 1,419 tickets sent to drivers.

Even with thousands drivers given tickets last year for running red lights, many drivers KFOX14 Investigates spoke to said just knowing the cameras are there makes them stop.

“They see the yellow light and they stop,” said Al of East El Paso.

El Paso Red Light Camera Violations

January 2016- October 2016

Fred Wilson Gateway South 01 5466

Woodrow Bean Gateway North 2948

Airway Montana 2275

Gateway South Sean Haggerty 2036

Mesa Hills Sunland Park 1 1419

George Dieter Gateway West 1409

Gateway South Paisano 01 1389

Zaragoza Gateway East 1172

WBRU 02 1113

Missouri Campbell 1076

Americas Alameda 1059

Redd Resler 02 1047

Gateway North Sean Haggerty 988

Rojas Joe Battle 973

Paisano Gateway South 783

Shadow Mountain Mesa 751

Rojas Joe Battle 02 741

Montwood Zaragosa 646

McCombs Sun Valley 641

Lee Trevino Montwood 612

Montana Hawkins 604

Red Resler 01 507

Resler Mesa 01 488

Zaragoza Gateway East 449

Campbell Missouri 369

Mesa Hill Sunland Park 01 327

Montwood Joe Battle 314

Montana Hawkins 290

Gateway Kenworthy 252

Gateway South Fred Wilson 121

Resler Mesa 48

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