Local girl battling cancer gets help from community to make her wish come true

Iris Hernandez is hoping the Make A Wish foundation will make her wish come true.

When it comes to wishes, you don’t always have to be a genie to grant them.

In fact, The Make A Wish Foundation of New Mexico is looking for your help to make the dream of one little girl battling cancer come true.

Iris Hernandez is a bright 11-year-old who enjoys playing outside and has a talent for making bracelets.

Iris’ mother, Julieta Hernandez, said her daughter also happens to be a persistent fighter.

“She’s the one that made me stronger, it’s like she’s the one that kept me going. Without her and without her fighting, I don’t know what it would have been,” Hernandez said.

For the past year Iris has been battling cancer.

She was diagnosed with leukemia last may after her mother took her to the doctor because of a sore throat.

“It’s a change like nobody expects it. Something that you don’t want to hear,” Hernandez said.

But while in the hospital, Iris said she was inspired by all of the nurses who took care of her.

So much so, she realized what she wanted to be a when she grows up.

“When I was in the hospital I seen how the nurses work, so I would like to be a nurse,” Iris said.

Iris also missed playing outside with her family and friends.

“It’s been wonderful not being in the hospital or anything and just being with my family having fun and my friends,” Iris said.

Iris was given a wish from the Make A Wish Foundation of New Mexico.

All Iris could think about was playing outside in the shade with her friends and family, which is why she asked for a playset.

But since this playset is an elaborate multi-level structure, it will most likely require a licensed contractor to build it.

“We have the playset donated but what we’re asking for is a licensed contractor either out of El Paso or the State of New Mexico who is willing to donate their time and labor to put this set together,” James Hallinan board member for Make a Wish Foundation said.

Throughout the year, the Make A Wish Foundation of New Mexico actively raises money to grant wishes.

They also accept monetary donations from the public, you can even donate your airline miles.

If you’re a licensed contractor and would like to help make Iris’ wish come true, contact or call 505-417-3526.

If you’d like to donate your airline miles or send in a monetary donation you can visit

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