Heavy rains cause damage to Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus

Heavy rains cause damage to Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus.

Heavy rains hit the Borderland last night and even caused some damage at The Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus.

Brittany Vargas and her husband were ready to take their baby home from the NICU last night when the rain started, but when parts of the hospital started leaking it caused them some delays.

“All of a sudden we're sitting there and they start rolling four or five babies out, the incubators and cribs,” she said.

Vargas said her son was supposed to be discharged Friday night, but then the rain started.

“One of the nurses actually just told us that it happens every year, I guess, when it rains or if it’s the weather. We're not sure,” Vargas said.

At that point some of the babies were taken out of the NICU.

“So for about maybe five minutes they didn’t know where our son was and it was very concerning at the moment because we were standing there witnessing everything going on,” Vargas said.

We reached out to The Hospitals of Providence. In a statement, director of communication Kurt Gross said:

"The Hospitals of Providence Memorial Campus experienced water intrusion due to the significant rainfall yesterday evening. A small number of patients were safely moved to allow for remediation efforts to begin."

Vargas said more needs to be done to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“If that’s what happens every year, why don’t you just completely close down the hospital and remodel the whole thing at once?” she said.

It’s unclear how the hospital plans on repairing the leaks.

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