Former NMSU football player accused in bank fraud case granted bond

A judge granted bond to the last of seven accused in a local bank fraud case.

The judge agreed to give former NMSU football player Terrance Yelder a $35,000 unsecured bond Monday morning.

Yelder was supposed to be granted bond last week, but his mother was sick and the paperwork wasn’t ready.

Yelder’s mother, who is in Alabama, will be a third-party custodian – meaning she’ll be responsible for his behavior and money.

Prosecutors said they didn’t want to grant Yelder bond because he allegedly tried to get another loan after being indicted. They said the attempt was unsuccessful.

As part of the bond, Yelder will stay in El Paso. He lives with his fiancee, former UTEP basketball star Jenzel Nash and their child.

Nash, who is also accused in the case, faces two counts of conspiracy to commit bank fraud. Court documents allege that she gave false information to GECU and Evolve Federal Credit Union.

If found guilty, the group could face 30 years in prison for each charge.

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