Former NM science teacher pleads guilty to manufacturing meth

John W. Gose, a former El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, N.M. science teacher, pleaded guilty to manufacturing meth. (Las Cruces Police Department)

A former science teacher pleaded guilty to manufacturing methamphetamines, according to the Doña Ana District Attorney’s Office.

John W. Gose, 56, taught science for eight-and-a-half years at Irvin High School in the El Paso Independent School District in Texas before resigning and taking a job in 2009 as a vocational teacher at Oñate High School with Las Cruces Public Schools in New Mexico.

Gose told a roommate he used to teach chemistry, according to police reports.

Today, parents from Camino Real Middle School were shocked when they found out about the drug charges.

“I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. I mean, you don’t expect a teacher to have that kind of stuff in his car,” Misty Ward said.

Gose was at LCPS for one semester and resigned, but then returned to the district to teach eighth-grade science at Camino Real Middle School from 2013 to 2016.

Officers with the Las Cruces Police Department arrested Gose on Oct. 2, 2016, after a traffic stop and discovered a white styrofoam ice chest in his vehicle. The ice chest contained glassware, rubber tubing and chemicals that are used to manufacture meth, officials said.

“It’s just conflicting what us parents are trying to teach our children,” Eileen Lujan said.

The case was turned over to New Mexico State Police, who searched Gose’s home on Highway 28 and discovered more chemicals and supplies that indicated Gose was making meth.

“You don’t expect it, you know? He’s suppose to be a model for kids and does a 180, right? It’s just crazy,” Ward said.

According to investigators, Gose was in possession of ingredients necessary to yield at least one pound of methamphetamine with an estimated value of $44,800.

On Tuesday, Gose pleaded guilty to two counts of trafficking by manufacturing and one count each of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A judge ordered Gose to undergo a 60-day diagnostic evaluation in the custody of the New Mexico Department of Corrections before sentencing.

“That the defendant in this case chose to plead guilty to all of the charges is a testament to the strength of the investigation,” Doña Ana District Attorney Mark D’Antonio said.

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