Fireworks stand owners find ways to stay cool in intense heat

Fireworks stand

El Paso is in the heat of summer, figuratively and literally.

Triple digit temperatures have been a dime a dozen.

But one of the biggest summer holidays -- Fourth of July -- is Tuesday. The heat's making work for fireworks stands fairly difficult.

The heat can have an impact on sales. Stand owners tell KFOX14 customers either don't want brave the heat or are waiting to get off of work to purchase fireworks.

But the owners and employees still have to be out the in heat for hours.

Some have learned over the year how to brave the heat. Coolers full of water are a must for many of the owners.

Some bring a watery fruit such as watermelon to snack on. Others say pop-up tents for shade isare also a go to.

"I usually buy extra water for the customers while they're standing in line or they're hot," said Sandra Gonzalez, a fireworks stand owner,. . "Or for the little ones, I give them a bottled water."

Other have their own plans to make it through the heat.

"We'll take some towels and soak them in water. Put them around your necks and let it soak down a little bit through your clothes to stay hydrated," said Anthony Avilez, a fireworks stand owner,. . And if "I'm not helping anybody out, we'll stay in a tent."

But it's not just the vendors trying to catch break from the heat. It's customers like Herman Fortiz too.

"Just stay under that shade. Stay under that shade and stay hydrated with some water,” Fortiz said.

But Fortiz isn't letting the heat beat him to getting his fireworks.

"So I wanted to come out here early, even though it's hot, I wanted to get out here and get some fireworks for my kids," Fortiz said.

The vendors know how hot it is outside. So they're lending a helping hand to those forking cash hand over fist for fireworks.

"We are also offering water at the same time if we see somebody that looks a little fatigued or a little bit sweatier at the top to get them to focus on by some good fireworks,” Avilez said.

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